The journey is the goal

Pension Pilch - and your summer hiking holiday in Saalbach can begin


Summit victories

Hikers and summiteers lace up their hiking or mountain boots early in the morning after a hearty breakfast in Haus Pilch, because the 400km long hiking trails want to be discovered. Up to the peak of happiness, picturesque, glittering mountain lakes, deep green forests, promising mountain ridges and promising alpine pastures await you.
Conquering the summit brings not only joy, but also a spectacular vision! Your view extends over the back of the Pinzgauer Grasberge, summits of the Kitzbühler Alps or the peaks of the Hohe Tauer. Let yourself be captivated by the unique panorama and forget your everyday life!

Put together individual hiking tours by yourself

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Mountain railways

To shorten the ascent to the summit, use one of the six modern ones Mountain railways. These enable an effortless summit climb in the most popular holiday region in Salzburg. This also gives you the chance to experience a long-distance hike like the Pinzgauer Sapziergang with your left hand. With the Joker Card you have the opportunity to use many mountain railways free of charge. Click here for more information.

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Your advantages in Haus Pilch

  • Haus Pilch is located in the center of Saalbach

  • In the immediate vicinity of the Schattberg X-press gondola < br>
  • Best personal tips for your perfect hike

  • "Hiking cellar": You are welcome to store your equipment with us

  • Barbecue area in the hotel garden invites you to spend time together

  • Sports shop (+ rental) easily accessible on foot from Haus Pilch

  • The Joker Card is already included in the room price

Hiking information

No recreational sport is as healthy for young and old as hiking and mountaineering. No wonder that it is one of the most popular leisure activities in Europe. When hiking, almost the whole body is stressed equally: the heart, lungs and muscles are trained by the ascent. The descent demands the joints, posture and spine. The outdoor gym is not only healthy, but also provides a beautiful backdrop.
Although the mountains in Saalbach are at an ideally healthy altitude, the rules of conduct must be observed in order to prevent accidents.

Ankle-high hiking boots with a good profile (no sneakers please!), backpack, small first aid kit, rain protection, headgear, warm clothing , Hiking map, hiking sticks if necessary, sunglasses and cream, mobile phone.
Alpine emergency / mountain rescue: 140

The information on the walking time For a hike, the times are only approximate.

Guided hikes
Several guided hikes are offered per week. These are carried out by a state-certified hiking guide. For details and meeting points, please contact the Haus Pilch reception.

What to do in an emergency
KEEP CALM! First aid, stay with the injured person and inform mountain rescue.

Environmental awareness
Please take your rubbish back with you into the valley and dispose of it properly. Due to the treatment of many products, we ask you to dispose of everything. So too, for example, banana peels.
Since many alpine flowers are under nature protection, picking them is punished with very high fees.

 © saalbach.com, Daniel Roos
 © saalbach.com, Daniel Roos

Hiking tips

  • Inform the Haus Pilch team about your tour and the approximate time of your return

  • Analyze your hike on the provided Hiking map

  • Check the weather conditions and the forecasts

  • Plan a refuge. Turn back or shelter in a hut if the weather changes.

  • Avoid risks: e.g. shortcuts over snow fields (there is a high risk of slipping!)

  • Never leave the marked hiking trail

Mountains are silent masters and make silent students

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